“Karahantepe” is Possible to Be An Older Ancient Center Than “Gobeklitepe”

Karahantepe is Possible to Be An Ancient Center That is Older Than Gobeklitepe

“Karahantepe” is Possible to Be An Older Ancient Center Than “Gobeklitepe”

In Turkey, a statue head carved into the bedrock and ritual lands were discovered in Karahantepe, which is located in Sanlıurfa like Gobeklitepe.

Culture Minister Ersoy says that in Karahantepe, which is located in Sanliurfa and where more than 250 obelisks have been identified, it is possible to reach a center older than Gobeklitepe.

Stating that 250 T-shaped obelisks have been discovered so far in Karahan Tepe, which is about 35 kilometers from Gobeklitepe, Ersoy said, “The excavation program continues in an intensive and rapid manner.”

Probably – we haven’t gotten the exact confirmation, but there’s nearly a year of work – we’ll have reached an older excavation center.

This will turn out to be much older than 12,000 years old. It will probably become a priority place than Göbeklitepe. Also, it will be our new center of attention.” says.

Culture Minister Ersoy is expected to share with the press the discoveries made in Karahantepe in the coming days.

A statue head in Karahantepe

Ersoy says that there are animal figures on the obelisks in Göbeklitepe, while there are human figures in Karahan Tepe.

In the Karahantepe post on social media by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, a statue head stands out there. The sculpture head, carved into the bedrock is about 50 cm in diameter.

The Head of Karahantepe Excavation-Prof. Dr. Karul said, “This year, we have obtained very important finds highlighting the human symbolism.

We discovered sculptures and new buildings. The statue head is quite interesting. It is 50 cm in diameter and carved into the bedrock. Again, we found structures carved into the bedrock around it. ” he says.

Same period as Gobeklitepe

Stating that Gobeklitepe is one of the places distinguished by “T” shaped obelisks and does not refer to a single period, Prof.Dr. Karul, “Life in Göbeklitepe is not just a period of ‘T’ shaped stones,” he says. It reflects a much longer period, it has a settlement or usage of 700 – 800 years.

“It is certain that Karahantepe was in somewhere in this period. It may cover a longer period of time and it may start earlier.”

“All these will be understood by the excavations that we will do here. But at least, we can say that this process coincides with a significant time interval, it is in the same period as Gobeklitepe. This means 11,500 years ago from our time”

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