“Close Encounter Unveiled: Pentagon Official Discloses Electrifying Encounter with Glowing Blue UFO Emitting Power of a Small City”

Close Encounter Unveiled: Pentagon Official Discloses Electrifying Encounter with Glowing Blue UFO Emitting Power of a Small City

“Close Encounter Unveiled: Pentagon Official Discloses Electrifying Encounter with Glowing Blue UFO Emitting Power of a Small City”

A US Department of Defense contractor’s tantalizing encounter with a giant, glowing UFO has sparked 10 years of research and two patents inspired by his encounter.

Three witnesses, including that Pentagon engineer, report that they captured electronic evidence of a ‘barbell’ UFO, half the length of a football field, that glowed an eerie ‘indigo’ blue.

The craft, they said, flew silently over an old logging road in southwestern Ontario, Canada, on August 28, 2013, near where the trio had camped for a hunting trip. 

DailyMail.com spoke with the case’s first investigators, who shared electronic data from the contractor’s attempt to film the object — showing ‘white noise’ pulses in the video that recur in one-second loops identical to strobing light from the UFO itself.

‘The captured data of the event,’ the witness reported, ‘may be the first real physical proof of not just a craft flying, but that it flies by virtue of an incredibly complex and […] powerful spinning electromagnetic propulsion system.’

The case was investigated by the same nanotechnology expert whose analysis of a 2007 mass UFO sighting in Texas became a centerpiece of the Steven Spielberg-produced UFO docuseries ‘Encounters’ last year on Netflix.

‘Is there another ‘barbell’ case we’ve investigated like this?’ that engineer, UFO investigator Robert Powell, told DailyMail.com of this rare case. ‘No, it’s the only one.’

Powell told DailyMail.com that UFO cases with this shape are so rare that only about ’50 to 60 cases’ exist ‘throughout history.’

Powell, whose new book on UFOs has garnered praise from former Defense Department intelligence official Chris Mellon, personally visited the contractor’s lab and worked with him on analyzing the eerie interference on his UFO video.

‘He gave me a tour of the defense facility,’ Powell said, who vetted the source’s identity and biographical claims.

‘There was a heavy duty commercial 3D printer in the lab and there were offices with three or four engineers that worked there beside him in that his building,’ he noted.

The August 28, 2013 ‘barbell’ UFO encounter itself, these witnesses said, began at around 9:40pm as they were returning to civilization from a black bear hunting expedition, a practice that is legal when done in season in Canada.

The defense contractor witness was seated in the back of Dodge 4×4 truck, with the two other witnesses in the front seat, as reported to Powell and his co-investigator, retired former police detective Phil Leech.

‘We were roughly four-and-a-half or five miles from the main road, when I noted something over my shoulder,’ continued the defense contractor, who wishes to remain anonymous to preserve his Defense Department business contacts.

‘The very first thing that was intense was just how bright this thing was,’ he noted. 

‘It was spectacular. Having been involved with optical systems in the past, we’re talking about a vehicle that looked like a stadium lighting scenario — it was brilliant.’

The witness described ‘an indigo plasma that covered most of the craft,’ which was bone-shaped or barbell-shaped and extended about 170-feet long, 60-feet wide and 20-feet tall, as it flew slowly just over the tree-line above this old logging road. 

The case was investigated by UFO researcher Robert Powell (above) - the same nanotech engineer whose analysis of a mass UFO sighting witnessed by over 300 people in Texas became a centerpiece to Netflix's Steven Spielberg-produced UFO docuseries 'Encounters'Powell (above) told DailyMail.com that he personally flew to Canada to investigate the case 'because it was just such an unusual case'

‘The craft rotated slowly around its center while emitting an electrical-spark-like shower, always opposite of the direction of travel,’ the defense contractor stated, ‘but without a specific origin point.’

The witness said he first attempted to film the UFO with two devices that he had on him, a Motorola cellphone and a Sony HD camera. 

But both devices behaved has if they were caught in ‘a boot sequence,’ failing to stay on while the craft was nearby, about 400 feet, leaving the witness to view the UFO more closely through the scope of his rifle. 

Up close, he told investigators, ‘The lights that it emitted were not incoherent light,’ meaning not the diffuse ‘soft light’ like that from a light bulb, but more like laser light.

The lay person’s terms, he described the light as like ‘tens of thousands of small lit particles, best described as those that occur during a fountain-type firework.’

But, more technically, the contractor described it as ‘coherent’ light: ‘It was salty to my eyes. It was just as if I was looking into a laser that had been passed through a diffraction grating or something of that nature.’

Witnesses described 'an indigo plasma that covered most of the craft,' which was barbell-shaped and extended about 170-ft long, 60-ft wide and 20-ft tall, as it flew slowly over the tree-line Above a CAD 3D render of the UFO showing the UFO on the logging road in Ontario

‘Both the other witnesses were extremely worked up about this,’ the defense contractor said in a video taped interview. ‘In fact, one of them said […] “Just shoot it!” like he wanted me to actually shoot a rifle round into this thing.’ 

The UFO moved in its slow rotating motion for approximately six or seven minutes, eventually allowing the defense contractor witness to film the event with his Sony HD camera, which yielded only static despite working before and after the event.

The sighting ended with ‘a similar lit craft’ emerging on the horizon and both UFOs zipping off a ‘at incredible speed.’ 

The moment left just visual static and the witnesses’ astonished voices on their tape.

‘I flew up to meet the guy,’ Powell told the DailyMail.com, ‘because it was just such an unusual case. I wanted to verify the reality of it. It was more of a personal thing.’

When Powell toured the defense contractor’s engineering business, he worked with him to test his Sony footage via an oscilloscope — a device that tracks changes in electrical voltages, frequency, and other specs to troubleshoot electronics. 

‘The time I spent with him on the oscilloscope was probably 20 or 30 minutes,’ Powell said. 

‘The first thing we looked at were the black bears that they had shot, mostly because we wanted to see a baseline on the oscilloscope, what the camera looks like just under normal operation,’ he noted. 

‘Then we looked at it when it was all basically noise in terms of video,’ Powell said, ‘here’s some signals on the oscilloscope that repeat.’

Powell toured the defense contractor witness's engineering business and worked with him to test his Sony footage via an oscilloscope - a device that tracks changes in voltages, frequency, distortion and other electrical behavior (picture from that test above)

As provisionally concluded in Powell and Leech's report on the UFO case, produced in 2015 and 2016 for the civilian group the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the oscilloscope 'post process of the video' matched the rhythm of the UFOs light show (testing shown above)

This oscilloscope processing of the video revealed that the ‘interference’ matched the rhythm of the UFO’s light show, according to Powell and Leech’s report on the UFO case, conducted for the civilian group the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), 

What looked just like ‘white noise’ on the video tape actually showed ‘a perfect pulsation function,’ according to their report.

This hidden ‘perfect’ pulse revealed by the scope was ‘timed to the revolution of the lights’ on the UFO and repeated at the same speed ‘roughly 1-second intervals.’

According to the defense contractor witness, the pattern was what would be expected if the ‘indigo’ plasma outside the UFO was behaving like a very large version of an normal alternating current (A/C) motor. 

Such a giant A/C motor would produce a magnetic field around it that could disrupt nearby electronics in a similar way. 

‘I believe this to be a poly phasing of two immense high frequency A/C fields polarized differently,’ as the defense contractor put it.

'A white noise screen with a perfect pulsation function,' according to their report's appendix, 'is timed to the revolution of the lights from the [UFO's two] disks at roughly 1-second intervals.' Above, 11 cycles of the repeating one-second pulse as pulled from the video noise

Above, a close up on one of the repeating pulses, showing harmonic resonance. The researchers hope that this 'harmonic hash' will provide more clues on the UFOs propulsion system in the near future

‘A more in-depth report is being generated for continued studies of this apparent “electronic signature,”‘ the defense contractor witness noted.  

But Powell and Leech added that interesting progress has already been made: ‘The witness has two patents that resulted from information derived from the event.’

Based on the defense contractor’s own experience producing plasmas at a much smaller scale than the indigo plasma that he said enveloped the giant craft, he was able to calculate a ballpark figure for the energy required to produce this field — which he suspects is the UFO’s propulsion system.

Calculated that the the craft had an approximate surface area of 3.1 million square inches, as he wrote to Powell and Leech, ‘a minimum of 160MW (160 million watts)’ of power would be needed to surround the craft in plasma. 

‘This amount of power is 33 percent of the 478 million-watt nuclear power plant in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska,’ he said, but packed into an object a fraction of that size.

‘Unquestionably this craft was the highest power density vehicle I have ever even imagined,’ at least according to the defense contractor witness.

Powell is sympathetic to view of skeptics who have noted that that while the case is ‘a great story […] without proof it’s still anecdotal.’

The UFO investigator told DailyMail.com that he is still is in contact with the witness and ‘prodding him every once a while about getting a raw copy of the video.’

Source: daily mail

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